Where once was vast and open prairie now lives one of Canada's top-ranked research universities.

The University of Lethbridge exists as it does today thanks to the determined and forward-thinking citizens who believed southern Alberta warranted its own university.  Their vision, tenacity and ability to unite to make the impossible possible have lived at the heart of the University for more than five decades.

The evolution of campus

The Early Years: 1967 - Late 1970s

Let it Shine On

As part of the University of Lethbridge’s 50th anniversary celebrations in 2017, alumnus John Wort Hannam (BA/BEd ’96) wrote a commemorative song for the University.

50 Voices project

Through 50 years and 50 voices, we capture our most iconic stories, as well as those yet to be told, with the help of the University’s history-makers.

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50 Years of teaching

uLethbridge faculty members explore various topics and reflect on how teaching has evolved over the last five decades.

Reflecting on teaching

Fondest memories

uLethbridge faculty, staff, students and alumni help tell the Faculty of Education’s story through a collection of personal memories

Personal memories of the Faculty of Education